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Department of Marathi


Since the establishment of the department in 1969 ,Marathi department has been contributing the success of  college . PG course was made available in 2006. The department on regular basis conducts the lectures by luminaries in the various fields through the Marathi Literature Association. The department has good track record in producing meritorious students and the teachers in the department have been contributing in various journals , and made their mark in state level and national level conferences. The department has produced many students who are working on better positions in various fields.


The Department of Marathi was established in 1969 in the same year of the establishment of Mahatma Gandhi Mahavidyalaya and Mrs. R.N. Bhumkar joined the Department as lecturer in Marathi. Prof. G.A. Shinde joined the department in 1970, and Dr. D.A. Kulkarni and Dr. M.N. Kagane were appointed in 1973. Dr. D.A. Kulkarni retired on 30thApril, 2000. In the same year Prof. A.P. Kamble joined the department. Dr. M.N. Kagane retired on 31st January, 2003 and Prof. A.P. Kamble became the head.

A three day National seminar was organized by the department on the topic ‘Folk Literature and Folk Arts’ during 14th to 16th November 1986. In the S.R.T.M. University examination Shinde Shivaji Narayan ranked first in  2003, and Mekale Jaypal Sidram ranked first in  2012 in Marathi Subject. Both were awarded with ‘B.D. Wadikar Award’ given by the university. The P.G. Program in Marathi was started in 2006. Ms. Walsangikar Monikaranked third in the Univesity Examination in M.A. Marathi in  2009.

Mr. B.V. Narwade & Mr. Y.R. Suryawanshi joined the department as Assistant Professor on 16th December, 2006 and 23rd October, 2009 respectively. Mr. V.B. Gangathade and Mr. S.B. Zumbade  are working on clock-hour basis. 7617 books of Marathi are available in the college library.The departmental library has 360 books. Asmitadarsha, Akasharagatha, Maharashtra Sahity Patrika, Pratishthan, Lalit, Panchdhara, Aksharvaidharbhi, Milun Saryjani, Aksharwangmay, Sadhana, Navbharat, Lokarajya, Satyagrahi Vichardhara, Priya-Rasik etc. periodicals are made available from time to time. Separate library is available for PG Students and textbooks, reference books and Periodicals are provided to the students.

Group subjects:

Group 1: Marathi. History Pol-Sci.
Group 2: Marathi. Socology  Pol-Sci
Group 3: Marathi. Economics Pol-Sci
Group 4: Marathi. Pub-Admin History
Marathi Pub-Admin Geography

Topper students: 

Sr. No. Name Year Percentage
1) Kadam Y.D. 2007-08 University I
2) More R.R. 2007-08 University III

 Faculty (Teaching) 

Name         Designation Qualification Date of  Joining Bio-Data
kamble ap Mr. Kamble A.P. Assi. Prof.& Head M.A. B.Ed. NET 21-10-2000   Download
 narwade Mr. Narwade B.V. Assi. Prof. M.A. NET, SET 16-12-2006  Download
 yr Mr. Suryawanshi Y.R. Assi. Prof. M.A. NET, SET 23-10-2009

 Faculty (CHB)

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Date of  Joining
1) Mr. Gangathade V.B. Assi. Prof. M.A. B.Ed. M.Phil.
2 Mr. Zumbade  S.B. Assi. Prof. M.A. M.Phil. NET, SET
3 Mr. Bhalke B.V. Assi. Prof. M.A. B.Ed

  Topper Students

Sr.No.  Name Rank Year
1  Monika Walsangikar Third Rank University 2009
2 Makle Jaypal Sidram First Rank University 2012