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Department of English


The Department of English is the backbone of the college, it plays vital role in academics. It has been believed and accepted that students in Maharashtra in general and Marathwada in particular are comparatively weak in English. In the era of globalization every individual needs to be multilingual; or at least should be competent enough to communicate in English because it is spoken and understood by majority of the world’s population. No other language carries more importance than English. A person with great academic as well as professional qualities will surely be well known in his area but won’t be able to be world renowned personality without having the abilities of communicating in English: in both forms, written as well as spoken.

Considering the vital need of English for the students in the modern world the Department of English has been established with the establishment of the college in 1969. Right from the date of its establishment the department it has been continuously striving to make the students competent in spoken as well as written aspects of the language. The department continuously endeavours to be more reliable and easily accessible for the students. The sole aim of the department is to help and uplift the unheeded and needy people in the society so that they can be brought into the main stream.The departmental library comprises 1160 books


Established in 1969, the birth centenary year of father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, the department has always been in focus for its innovative and useful ideas. Initially, Shri. Bhandarwathkar shouldered the responsibility of the department. He was first Head of the Department. His tenure came to an end when he left the college in 1970. Shri. S. M. Kulkarni then became the Head of the department. He remained on the same post till his superannuation on July, 31, 2002. Shri. Banerjee Babu joined the college In 1971, and Shri. K.S.R. Reddy in 7972.Shri. Banerjee Babu resigned in 1976 and Shri. A.P. Munde  was appointed at his place in the same year. Shri K.S.R. Reddy left the college in June 1978 followed by Shri. A.P. Munde later in September, 1997.Shri. R.M. Biradar who was appointed in July 1996 became the head of the department after the superannuation of Shri. S. M. Kulkarni in 2003.Shri. L. D. Jogdand joined the department on June, 17, 2003. Dr. M. M. Nivargi then joined the department in 2005.Shri L. D. Jogdand has been working as the head of the department since July, 2011.

Faculty (Teaching):

Name Designation Qualification Date of Appointment Bio-Data
Shri. Laxman Dharmaraj Jogdand Assistant Professor and Head M.A. B.Ed., SET 17-06-2003   Download
biradar Shri. Ramesh Madhavrao Biradar Assistant Professor M. A. M.Phil. 22-07-1996   Download
Nivargi sir Shri. Mahesh Madhukarrao Nivargi Associate Professor, Co-ordinator,IQAC and Research Guide M.A. M. Phil., Ph.D. 13-10-2005   Download
04 Shri. Vivek Balasaheb  Dode Contributory Teacher M.A. M.Phil. 01-08-2007
05 Shri. Anand Krantikumar Penurkar Contributory Teacher M.A. M.Phil. 02-06-2010
06 Ku. Jija P Dudhate Contributory Teacher M.A. B.Ed. 02-06-2010
07 Ku. Farnaazbegum Akber Sayyed Contributory Teacher M.A. B. Ed. 22-08-2011
08 Shri. Mangrule Taufuk M aheboob Contributory Teacher M.A. B. Ed. 13-08-2012


Faculty (Teaching) Junior College:

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Date of Appointment
02 Shri. Potdar S. P. Higher Secondary Teacher M.A. B.Ed.
03 Shri. Kadam R. B. Higher Secondary Teacher M.A. B.Ed.
04 Shri. Patil S. H. Higher Secondary Teacher M.A. B.Ed.
05 Shri. Mane A. K. Higher Secondary Teacher M.A. B.Ed.
06 Shri. Devke P. S. Higher Secondary Teacher M.A. B.Ed.


Faculty (Non- Teaching):

  1. 1.      Shri. Rajmalle R. D.


Sr.No. Name of Course Duration Qualification required
01 B. A. English 03 Years H.S.C. or equivalent examination
02 M. A. English 02 Years B.A. English or at least 200 marks (English) university exam/s at degree
Spoken English  40 days N.A.


Merit Holders:

Sr. No. Name of the student Course Year Rank
01 Deshmukh Sushma Krushnrao B.A. English 1996-97 University First
02 Kamble Neelam Baburao M. A. English 2008-09 University First
03 Thodgekar Shital Prabhakar M. A. English 2008-09 University Second


Research Centre :

The Department of English has well established research centre. Research activities are carried out under the supervision of research guide Dr. M.M. Nivargi.

 List of Research Guides affiliated to this Research Centre:

Sr. No. Name of the Research Guide Address No. of on-going Ph.D. student-s Total vaca-ncies No. of   Ph.D. awarded student
01 Dr. M. M. Nivargi Mahatma Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Ahmedpur 08 08 01
02 Dr. S. Nikam 02 02     —
03 Dr. R. G. Kulkarni S.M.G. Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Sangli 02     —
04 Dr. A. M. Navle Shivaji Mahavidyalaya, Udgir 08 08     —
05 Dr. A. R. Gahirwar Master Dinanath Mangeshkar College, Aurad (S.) 03 08     —
06 Dr. S. R. Nagori Maharashtra Udaygiri Mahavidyalaya, Udgir. 04 08     —
07     —

List of the students registered for Ph.D.

Sr. No. Name Of the research Student Research Topic Address Name of the supervisor
01 Shri. Jogdand L.D. Teaching English as a Second Language: A Comparative Analysis of the Contemporary Strategies Used in Colleges Affiliated to SRTMU, Nanded. Mahatma Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Ahmedpur Dr. M.M. Nivargi
02 Shri. Pathan M.D. Sanjivani Mahavidyalaya, Chapoli. Dr. M.M. Nivargi
03 Shri. Sayed N.K. Azad Mahavidyalaya, Ausa Dr. M.M. Nivargi
04 Shri. Haibatpure S.T. Dr. M.M. Nivargi
05 Shri. Shesh  A.P. Dr. M.M. Nivargi
06 Shri. SomuseA.J. Dr. M.M. Nivargi
07 Shri. Doke N.N. Dayanand (Arts) Collge, Latur Dr. M.M. Nivargi
08 Shri. Dode V.B. Mahatma Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Ahmedpur Dr. M.M. Nivargi
09 Shri. Ingole K.M. Dr. R.G. Kulkarni
10 Shri. Deshmukh D.P. Dr. R.G. Kulkarni
11 Shri. Patil V.W. Dr. Navle A.M.
12 Shri. Mundhe A.U. Dr. Navle A.M.
13 Shri. Gaikwad M.B. Dr. Navle A.M.
14 Shri. Bhumbe S.S. Dr. Navle A.M.
15 Shri. Jaybhaye V.K. Dr. Navle A.M.
16 Shri. Mathpathi D.K. Dr. Navle A.M.
17 Shri.  Sonwane V.S. Dr. Navle A.M.
18 Shri. Patil S.L. Dr. Navle A.M.
19 Shri. Mundhe R.D. Dr. Gahirwar A.R.
20 Smt. Todkar S.T. Dr. Gahirwar A.R.
21 Shri. Dhavne V.S. Dr. Gahirwar A.R.
22 Shri. Gangarde K.U. Dr. Nagori S.R.
23 Smt. Bhore A.R.
24 Shri. Mundhe R.S.
25 Shri. Gangarde K.U.


List of the students awarded M.Phil. under the guidance of Dr. M.M. Nivargi:

Sr. No. Name of the student Title University Year
01 Shri. Dode V.B. Analytical Study of Curriculum design Madurai Kamraj 2009
02 Shri. Biradar R.M. The quest for Native American Identity in Selected Poems and Stories of N. Scott Momaday. Madurai Kamraj 2008
03 Shri. Kulkarni Y.S. Critical Analysis of Kiran Nagarkar’s Novels. Madurai Kamraj 2009


Minor Research Projects:

Completed: – Nil.

On-going: –   02

Sr.No. Name of the Teacher Title of the Project
01 Dr. Nivargi Mahesh Madhukarrao Archetypal Analysis of the Epic of Gilgamesh
02 Shri. Jogdand Laxman Dharmaraj Teaching English at Degree Level: Survey and Analysis of the Strategies Used in Latur District


Other Information:  

Language Laboratory:

Department had the traditionallanguage laboratory since 1986. It has now been replaced by well-equipped computerized language laboratory with most advanced softwares. There are twenty computers and a teacher’s console in the language laboratory. The students are taught spoken aspect of the language with the help of language laboratory. It helps them to understand the proper pronunciations and the intonation.

Students’ Association for Language Studies:

Students’ Association for Language Studies has been the remarkable feature of the department. It has been in focus since 1976. It works to impart basic language skills (LSRW) among the students. Its basic aim is to provide a forum for the students where they can get atmosphere to speak and listen English language. It also aims the all rounddevelopment of the students.  Meetings are conducted twice a week by the association.

Co-curricular Activities:

Following co-curricular activities are regularly undertaken by the department.

Sr. No. Activity
01 Extension Lectures
02 Guest Lectures
03 Seminars
04 Tests
05 Group Discussions
06 Debates
07 Essay Writing
08 Elocution Competitions
09 Quizzes
10 Symposiums