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Department of Physics


Physics is one of the major subject in natural sciences. At the Degree level, Physics is the main subject. In Degree physics we deal with all branches of Physics. We give brief idea about different branches of Physics like Solid state, Nuclear Physics, Electronics, Magnetism, Current and Electricity, Optics, Sound, Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Relativity, Classical, Quantum and Statistical Mechanics, Waves and Vibrations etc theoretically. During these three years students are familiar with different scientific instruments and they perform the assigned practical work in the laboratory with these instruments. Our department gives full freedom for undergraduate research by providing them required material. We take extra efforts for success of student project at undergraduate level. Our department takes extra efforts for slow learners and always tries for overall development of all students.


The Department of Physics is one of the basic departments of science faculty and it was established in 1969. The department has got noble Personalities like Dr. B. D Ugile,.& Dr. B. S.Bhalekar. These two genius personalities made the department upto  date as per the norms. Dr. B. D. Ugile was the principal of this college during the period 30/11/1975 to 09/07/1979 and superannuation on 31st March 2004.  Dr. Bhalekar B. S. took the charge as head of department and superannuation on 31st July 2005. Dr. K. N. Shivalkar has joined as a Head of department on 01/10/2010. Department has two  well equipped laboratories of size 576 Sq. fit. each. One dark room of size 192 Sq. fit. Department has computer and internet facility for the faculty and the students and has good seating arrangement for junior & senior staff members.


Faculty (Teaching):

Name Designation Qualification Date of Appointment Bio-Data
 bagde sir Dr.G.D. Bagde  Principal M.Sc. Ph.D.   Download
 shivalkar sir Dr. K.N. Shivalkar Assistant Professor and Head M.Sc. Ph.D. B.Ed 01/10/2010   Download
londhe sir  Dr. C.T. Londhe Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph.D. B.Ed 21/03/2011   Download


Faculty (Teaching) Junior College:

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Date of Appointment
01 Shri. S. B. Kulkarni Lecturer M.Sc. B.Ed. 10/07/1991
02 Shri. R. D. Bawage Lecturer M.Sc. B.Ed. 20/07/1993
03 Shri. J. P. Kulkarni Lecturer M.Sc. M. Phil. B.Ed. 26/07/1993
04 Shri. J. P. Phulmante Lecturer M.Sc. M. Phil. B.Ed. 25/07/1994
05 Shri. H. T. Patil Lecturer M.Sc. B.Ed. 08/02/2010
06 Shri. S.L. Bhise Lecturer M.Sc. B.Ed. 08/02/2010
07 Shri. R. S. Lade Lecturer M.Sc. B.Ed. 12/10/2012

Faculty (Non- Teaching):

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining
1. Shri.  R.N. Mundhe Lab Attendant
  1. S.C.
2. Shri.  U.G. Honrao Lab Attendant
  1. Sc.


Sr.No. Name of Course Duration Qualification required
  1. Sc.
03 Years H.S.C. or equivalent examination
  1. Sc. Group Subjects
Group 1: 1 Physics 2 Chemistry 3 Mathematics
Group 2: 1 Physics 2 Chemistry 3 Computer science
Group 3: 1 Physics 2 Computer Science 3 Mathematics


Top Students:

Sr. No. Name of the student Year Grade/Division
01 Wakade M. 2008-09 First Division
02 Jagtap S. S. 2008-09 Distinction
03 Kanwate A. O. 2008-09 Distinction
04 Chilarge S. S. 2009-10 First Division
05 Gundre D. B. 2010-11 First Division
06 Pole P.D. 2010-11 First Division
07 Solune N. N. 2011-12 First Division
08 Khan R. K. 2011-12 First Division
09 Kagne Prachi 2012-13 Distinction
10 Sonwane Priyanka 2012-13 Distinction
11 Mali Pallavi 2012-13 Distinction
12 Kshirsagar Rohit 2012-13 Distinction
13 Malshette Shivanand 2012-13 Distinction
14 Hange Motiram 2012-13 Distinction
15 Kale Ramdas 2012-13 Distinction
16 Kalyani Sanchita 2012-13 Distinction
17 Kadam Varsha 2012-13 Distinction
18 Thakur Ganusingh 2012-13 Distinction
19 Sarda Arti 2013-14 Distinction
20 Alapure Nikita 2013-14 Distinction
21 Jadhav Shital 2013-14 Distinction
22 Baikhare Karan 2013-14 Distinction
23 Shaikh Abdul 2013-14 Distinction
24 Hake Dnynoba 2013-14 Distinction
25 Vibhute Bhageshri 2013-14 Distinction
26 Giri Monika 2013-14 Distinction
27 JadhavRahul 2013-14 Distinction
28 Hippalgave Omprakash 2013-14 Distinction
29 Ghatol Supriya 2013-14 Distinction
30 Suryanwanshi Rajni 2013-14 Distinction
31 Madde Puja 2013-14 Distinction
32 Bagde Ajinkya 2013-14 Distinction
33 Navatakke Nivruttinath 2013-14 Distinction
34 Pawar Ajit 2013-14 Distinction
35 Ingale Shridevi 2013-14 Distinction
36 Pathan Reshmabeg 2013-14 Distinction
37 Solanke Mahesh 2013-14 Distinction
38 Hake Sunil 2013-14 Distinction
39 Devkate Sarika 2013-14 Distinction
40 Solunke Snehlata 2013-14 Distinction
41 Barure Anand 2013-14 Distinction
42 Bade Pranita 2013-14 Distinction

Research Centre:

The Department of Physics has well established research centre and recognized by Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded dated 26/02/2010. Research activities are carried out under the supervision of research guide and Head of department Dr. K. N. Shivalkar.

 List of Research Guides affiliated to this Research Centre:

Sr. No. Name of the Research Guide Address No. of on-going Ph.D. student-s Total vaca-ncies No. of   Ph.D. awarded student
01 Dr. G. D. Bagde Mahatma Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Ahmedpur, Dist-Latur. 02 06 01
02 Dr. L. S. Ravangave Shri. Sant Gadge Maharaj Mahavidyalaya, Loha, Dist- Nanded. 05 03 01

List of the students registered for Ph.D.

Sr. No. Name Of the research Student Research Topic Address Name of the supervisor
01 Shri. Bhojne D. M. Studies on Lanthnum Chalcogenide Thin Films by SILAR method Ahmedpur Dr. G. D. Bagde
02 Shri. Kendre R.N. Studies on Chemically  deposited ZnInS thin films Rajarshi
Shahu College, Latur
Dr.G. D.Bagde
03 Shri. Misal S. D. The Optical , Structural, Electrical, Transport Properties of Chemically Deposited CdMnS Thin Films Kumar Swami College, Ausa, Dist- Latur Dr. L. S. Ravangave
04 Shri. Shaikh Raju Shrahabouddini Study of Structural, Morphological and Spectroscopic properties of chemically synthesized ZnO nanoparticles S.G.B.S. College , Purna, Dist-Parbhani Dr. L. S. Ravangave
05 Shri. Devde Ganesh Narayanrao Study of Spectroscopic and Physical Properties of Borate Based Ternary and Quaternary Glasses Naigaon College, Naigan ,Dist-Nanded. Dr. L. S. Ravangave
06 Shri. Rathode K. N. Study on Spray Deposited Lanthanide Chalcogen Thin Films Dayanand Science College, Latur Dr. L. S. Ravangave


List of the students awarded Ph. D. degree:

Sr. No. Name of the student Title Name of Guide Date of Awarded
01 Shri. M.M. Betkar Studies on Spray Deposited Europium Chalcogenide Thin Films Dr.G. D. Bagde  29/07/2013
02 Shri. U.V. Biradar Studies on Chemically deposited CdZnS Thin Films Dr. L. S. Ravangave 15/10/2014


Minor Research Projects:

Name of Faculty Member Title of the Project Name of the Funding agency Amount Sanctioned Duration of the period Status
Dr. G. D. Bagde Fabrication of Lanthanide Chalcogenide Thin Films by Spray Pyrolysis and SILAR Method U.G. C.47-1231/09 (WRO)  dated   17.09.2010 Rs. 2,00,000/- Two Years Completed
Dr. C. T. Londhe Optical and electrical properties of CdZnS thin films   prepared by Spray pyrolysis U.G.C.47456/12(WRO) dated 05/03/2013 Rs. 1,30,000/- Two Years On-going


  1. Parent published through Research Lab. – 07
  2. Paper Published  through Research Lab. – 17

Other Information:  

Physics Club:

Physics club provide a platform to students for their overall development. Physics club run by the students of B. Sc. Physics. Physics club organize different programs like Science Day celebration on 28 February in every year, Science Quiz, Birth Anniversary of Indian Nobel Scientists and Seminar given by the third year students.

Co-curricular Activities:

Following co-curricular activities are regularly undertaken by the department.

Sr. No. Activity
01 Science Instruments Introductory Program for High School(10th Class)
02 College level Research Competition ( Avishkar ) and Selected students send to Dist level competition Avishkar
03 Seminars
04 Power point presentation training program for faculty and Students