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Department of Chemistry

Departmental profile

Objectives of chemistry department

  • To attract the interest of under graduate students toward the Chemistry and use the knowledge of Chemistry for upliftment of the society. To expose young students of science to our environment,
  • Awareness about the environment, air, water and soil pollutants, pollution hazards, sampling of water etc.
  • To give proper understanding and applications of chemical principles and processes for solving variety of practical and technological problems of mankind.
  • To create scientific and technological awareness among the students.
  • To enlighten the public masses particularly youngsters about the importance of protection and conservation of our environment and control of human activities which are responsible for environmental pollution
  • To impart advanced scientific knowledge of chemical science in order to increase the productivity of crop in available land.

 History of chemistry department

  • Department of Chemistry was established in 1969. The first head of the Department was Shri. C.S. Dhole he left the Department in 1971 and joined Kumarswami Mahavidyalaya Ausa as Principal.
  • B.L. Nalgirkar was appointed as H.O.D. in 1971. He retired on 30/11/2001. Smt. A.H. Beedkar joined the Dept. On15th June 1971 and appointed as H.O.D. in Dec. 2001.
  • N.A. Mote joined the department in 1973 as lecture in inorganic chemistry, In 1999 He got National award for the best NSS coordinator.

About HOD

  • A.G. Jadhav was working as Jr. Lecturer and joined as H.O.D. On16th Sept.2011. He published XII Sci. Chemistry book sanctioned by Pune board and also Entrance book published by Universal scientific publication. And he presented research paper in international conference Jakarta Indonesia. He is resource person at Jr. Level. He is paper setter and moderator SRTMU Nanded. He awarded best Teacher award NCP-2011 Taluka level.


Group subjects

Group 1: 1 Physics 2 Chemistry 3 Mathematics
Group 2: 1 Botany 2  Zoology 3 Chemistry
Group 3: 1 Physics 2 Chemistry 3 Computer science

   Topper Students

Sr.No. Name Year Percentage
1 Kshirsagar Rohit Nandkumar 2012-13 80.25
2 Thakur Ganusingh Raghusingh 2012-13 79.35
3 Alapure Nikita 2013-14 Distinction
4 Jadhav Shital 2013-14 Distinction

List of Teaching and Non Teaching Staff Faculty (Teaching)


 Name  Designation  Qualification  Date of Joining    Bio-Data
jadhav sir Dr. A.G. Jadhav H.O.D. M.Sc. Ph.D. M.Phil 16/09/2010    Download
 karad sir photo Shri. A.R. Karad Assistant Prof. M.Sc. Org.Chem.NET,GATE. 25/03/2011   Download

Faculty Teaching(CHB)

Dr. N.K. Halikar Assistant Prof. (CHB) M.Sc. Org.Chem. Ph.D. 21/07/2014 Enclosed
Dr.V.G. Mane Assistant Prof. (CHB) M.Sc. (Org.Chem.), M.Phil., Ph.D. 21/07/2014 Enclosed
Mr.Y.D.Jangave Assistant Prof. (CHB) M.Sc. Org.Chem. 21/07/2014 Enclosed
Miss. K.G. Mirajkar Assistant Prof. (CHB) M.Sc. Org.Chem. Ph.D. 21/07/2014 Enclosed
Mr. Alapure  A.S. Assistant Prof. (CHB) M.Sc. Org.Chem. 21/07/2014 Enclosed
Miss. Tonpe S.M. Assistant Prof. (CHB) M.Sc. Org.Chem. 21/07/2014 Enclosed
Miss.  Shaikh B.M. Assistant Prof. (CHB) M.Sc. Phy.Chem. 21/07/2014 Enclosed
Miss.  Shelke M.P. Assistant Prof. (CHB) M.Sc. Phy.Chem. 1/08/2014 Enclosed


Faculty (Teaching) Junior College

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining
1. Shri.S.S.Chambule Assist. Teacher M.Sc.B.Ed 18/07/1990
2. Shri.H.A.Jagtap Assist. Teacher M.Sc.B.Ed M.Phil 24/07/1990
3. Shri.A.W.Pathan Assist. Teacher M.Sc.B.Ed 28/07/1993
4. Shri.R.N. Nagargoje Assist. Teacher M.Sc.B.Ed 25/07/1994
5. Shri.B.S.Walse Assist. Teacher M.Sc.B.Ed 21/03/2011
6 Shri P.S. Kendre Assist. Teacher M.Sc.B.Ed 12/10/2012
7 Shri.P.V.Shinde Assist. Teacher M.Sc.B.Ed M.Phil 21/03/2011
8 Smt.A. R .Ban Assist. Teacher M.Sc.B.Ed 21/03/2011
9 Shri D. P. Jadhav Assist. Teacher M.Sc.B.Ed 26/07/2013

 Faculty (Non-Teaching)

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining
1 Shri. S.K. Humnabade Lab Attendant B.Sc. 02/06/1997
2 Shri. S.S.Rathod Lab Attendant B.A. 02/06/2014
3 Shri J.S.Kedar Lab Attendant H.S.C.

 Detail of research contribution (Guide ship, Ph.D./M.Phil., Minor and Major research Project)

Sr. No. Name of Teacher Guide ship Ph.D./M.Phil Minor and Major
1. Dr. Jadhav A.G. Ph.D., M.Phil Ongoing (UGC) Minor

  Minor Project-     (UGC) Grant Sanctioned=70,000/-

Sr.No. Name of Research Project Funding Agency Grant Received Status
1. “Kinetics and Mechanistic study on Bromination of substituted dihydropyridines using phenyl- trimethyl ammonium tribromide”.  UGC  50,000/-  Ongoing

 Participation in Corporate life(BOS, Faculty member, Senate member)

 Mr. Karad A.R.

  • Board of study in B.Sc. S.Y. on “ Rajarshree Shahu Mahavidyalaya Latur 2013-14”
  • Board of study in B.Sc. F.Y. on “Rajarshree Shahu Mahavidyalaya Latur.-2012-13”

Extension activities (Department association, Club, Guest lectures)


1 Water Analysis
2 Chemicals Glassware and Instruments Introductory Programme for High School(10th Class)
3 Seminars and Group Discussion of students.