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The Department of Botany was established in June 1969 with the establishment of the college. Dr. G.M. Tukshetty was founder head of the dept. When Dr. Tukshetty left the dept., Dr. Y.B. Gaikwad joined the college as a head on 17/07/1970. Dr. Y.B. Gaikwad was retired on 31st march 2002. Shri. R.K. Kalme became the head from march 2002. Department of Botany has started Aerobiology Research Centre from 1980. The dept. has developed a botanical garden in a area of 3 acre. It includes a green house, rock garden and various plants.


 Shri R.K. Kalme runs the dept. as a head since 1st April 2002. He awarded was masters degree in 1973 in 1st div. from Marathwada University Aurangabad. He has undertaken a Minor Research Project on ‘Medicinal Plants’ and got fund from U.G.C. New Delhi.

Dr.R.M. Kadam  (M.Sc. B.Ed. Ph.D., F.H.A.S., F.S.L.Sc )

He has completed his Ph.D. in  Aerobiology . He has published 29 International papers in reputed journals. He has completed minor research project  sanctioned by U.G.C. New Delhi . He was presented research papers in international conferences at Thailand , Sri Lanka and  Bhutan . Presently he is Director of Aerobiology Research Centre .  He has received recognition as a fellow of society of life sciences (F.S.L.Sc.) and Agri-Horticultural  Society (F.H.A.S.)

Group subjects:

Group 1: 1 Botany 2  Zoology 3 Chemistry
Group 2: 1 Botany 2  Zoology 3 Computer  Science
Group 3: 1 2 3
Group 4: 1 2 3

Top students:

Sr. No. Name Year Percentage
1. Kadam Y.D. M/A 2008 1st rank
2. More R.R. M/A 2008 3rd rank

Faculty (Teaching)

Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining Bio-Data
Shri. R.K.Kalme H.O.D. M.Sc. 02/12/1974 Download
dr. Kadam Dr. R.M.Kadam Assistant Prof. M.Sc. B.Ed. Ph.D., F.H.A.S., F.S.L.Sc 23/10/2009 Download

Faculty (Non-Teaching)

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining
1. Shri. P.R.Deshpande Lab Attendant B.Sc. 02/06/1997
2. Shri. H.A.Poul Lab Attendant B.Sc. 10/02/2011

Any other Information:

Teaching Staff Jr. College:

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining
1. Shri. D.R. Kadam Lecturer 18/07/1990
2. Shri. B.G. More Lecturer 24/07/1990
3. Shri. S.K. Gaikwad Lecturer 25/07/1995
4. Shri. M.B. Reddy Lecturer 25/09/1998
5. Shri. B.T. Taur Lecturer 21/07/2001

Research Activity:

Botany dept. is very active in conducting research activates. In Aerobiology Research Center of the dept. six research students were awarded Ph.D. Degree. Dr. Y.B. Gaikwad has presented a paper on Aerotriology in international conference at Ottawa in 1989. He has completed five minor research projects and published 1st research paper in International journals. Shri. R.K. Kalme has one minor research project and  was awarded P.H. Gregory award in the 4th National conference on Aerotriology Bihar in 1987.