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Boys N.C.C. Unit
• Vision
Mahatma Gandhi College is the educational center of the community, providing opportunities for intellectual inquiry. Open dialogue multicultural awareness & lifelong learning. Recognizing. The diverse need of its students the college strives to provide an environment in which they are empowered to achieve their highest potential.
• Mission
To develop leadership & character mould discipline & nature social integration & cohesion through multi faceted programs conducted in a military environment.
• Introduction of Brief History of N.C.C.
The National Cadet Corps has its genesis in the “University Corps” which has created under the Indian Defense Act 1917 with the aim to make up the shortage of the army in 1920 when the Indian territorial act was passed the University corps was replaced by University Training Corps (U.T. C) in1942. The University Training Crops was renamed as the University officers Training Corps (UOTC). In order to create a youth organization & the national level a committee under Pandit Hradayanath Kunjru was set up in 1946 recommendation of this committee paved the way for the formation of N.C.C . Thus, the National Cadet Crops Act XXXI of 1948 under the Ministry of Defence (MOD).
• Growth of N.C.C.
The corps which started in a small way with a cadet strength of 1.67 lakh has now grown to 13 lakh the network of774 NCC units are spread all over the country through 4880 colleges & 7783 schools. The National Cadet Crops was given an inter service image in 1950 when the air wing was added followed by the Naval wing in 1952 earlier in 1949 the girls division had been brought in to give equal opportunity to school & college going girls of the nation in 1952 the N.C.C curriculum was extended to include community development as part of the N.C.C syllabus.
• Message
The National Cadet Crops has completed 66 glorious years in the service of the nation the organization represent our countries ‘Youth Power’ which is an important ingredient off our ‘National Power’ today a large no. of our former cadets hold high offices in various establishment. These include cabinet Ministers Governors, chief minister’s senior civil defense services officers & a large no. of successful entrepreneurs. All of them are engaged in nation building. Today we need to consolidate our games & strengthen our commitment to achieve the national aims & objective. The National Cadet Crops is a movement committed to the cause of National integration & unity. It shapes the youth in to responsible & discipline the citizen. It is indeed heartening to see the young cadets living up to the Moto “Unity & Discipline”
• Introduction of N.C.C. Wings in the colleges:
With a view to contribute the service to nation,society & Import Army training to youth in future. Vichar Vikas Mandal has established Mahatma Gandhi Mahavidyalaya in June 1969 which has rural set up & soon introduced N.C.C. unit for Boys in 1970 to provide service training to the students & to inculcate in them the sense of unity, integrity, discipline, comradeship & ideals of service etc. This facility provides opportunity to the rural students to serve the society & nation & helps to inculcate in them .The national human& moral values as well as social responsibilities to make all round personality development & to make them responsible citizens of India. The allotted enrolment strength of this college is 53 .Threfore we enroll 53 cadets every year. The college authorities have provided the practice range for short range firing purposes.
Principal Capt. V. V. Dhobale was the First officer looking after the N.C.C. Unit. He is the man of integrity, sincerity & dedication. He made all-round efforts to develop the N.C.C. unit of the college Latur on in 1982 Capt. V.V. Dhobale took over as the principal of this college & Shri. B.G. Sonwane was entrusted the responsibility of N.C.C. Unit Shri. B.G. Sonwane was officer in-charge till 1990 Shri. S.K. Khillare was then appointed as the officer in charge of the unit. The unit is shaping well under the guidance & stewardship of Capt. S.K. Khillare. Capt.S.K. Khillare has attended two N.C.C. refresher courses & participated in 13 deferent N.C.C. camps. He continued the development of the N.C.C. & also guided to the cadets for entry in defense forces. Now N.C.C. unit is working vital & dynamic role under the leadership of C/T S.B.Shinde

• Social Service:
As a sense of commitment to the society 48 Cadets have donated Blood.53 Cadets have assisted to organize blood donation camp and planted 106 trees in last four years. The new enrolled Cadets take the oath against dowry every year Blood Donation Camps are organized every year on 2nd October, birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. This tradition of Blood donation is continuously carried out since 1979.
The praiseworthy programmers of tree plantation is undertaken and successfully carried out every year.
Cadet have also participated in the Pulse Polio Immunization Campaign run by Govt. of India N.C.C. Unit of Mahavidyalaya have also undertaken various programmes such as awareness against AIDS, Literacy, Campaign, Relief Funds etc.
A Cheque of Rs. 2750 has also been sent to Kargil Fund in addition to that Cadets have given financial help on the Occasion of Flag Day. Many times Cadets have tried to create awareness against Corruption by means of rallies posters and Essay Competitions.
National Festivals:-
N.C.C. Unit celebrates with the great enthusiasm the National Festivals like Independence Day,Republic Day and N.C.C. Day Various programmers such as section attack demo,Drill Demo,Bouyment Fighting etc. are arranged on these days 20th August is celebrated as the Sadbahvana Day and the period 20th Aug to 3th September is celebrated as “Sadbhavana Fortnight” respectively various activities like Essay Competition,Debating,Group Discussion are arranged during the Sadbhavana Fortnight.
Certificate Examination:
All cadets make efforts to pass the B & C certificate examination for securing higher grade. And those cadets passing ‘c’ certificate minimum in ‘B grade’ have direct entry in the Army as an officer through SSB only.
The main focus is on following objective:
• To develop qualities of character ,courage, commandship, discipline, leadership secular outlook spirit of adventure & the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.
• To create a human resource of organized,trained & motivated youth to provide leadership in all walks of life & be always available for the service of the nation.
• To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.
• Environment responsibility Expand N.C.C.s role in prompting environmental sustainability in our region.

• Incentive for N.C.C. Cadets:-
Employment Field:-
-N.C.C. ‘C’ certificate with ‘B’ Grading holder Cadets are directly appear for SSB in Indian Army as commissioned Officer.
-N.C.C. Cadets are given preference in Enrollment of soldiers.
-‘B’ & ‘C’ certificate holders are given preference in state police service.
Academic Field:-
-S.R.T.M.U.N University offers 05 extra marks to N.C.C. Cadets.
-1 % marks are given for admission in medical college.
-10 Seats are reserved for Admission in Engineering college.
-Admission to polytechnic college 15 Vacancy is reserved for N.C.C. Cadets.
-Weight age of 4 marks for admission in ITI.
Scholarship for N.C.C. Cadets:-
-Sahara Scholarship- Rs.6000.
– Cadets welfare society Scholarship- Rs.6000.
– Chief Minister Scholarship- Rs.6000.
– Shyam Benegak Scholarship- Rs.6000.
• Student Achievement:-
– SUO Jadhav Rahul Dhanaji Has got Gold Medal in unit under officer at Nanded Camp.
– Cadet Suryawanshi Balaji Ganpathi has got Gold Medal in Running at Babhalgaon.
– Cadet Gangthade Atul Dilip this Unit was allround best cadet award for his excellent
Performance in the Annual Training Camp held at Babhalgaon 2011-12.
– Cadet Pathan Nihal,Wadikar Shriram and Navande Parmeshwar has got Gold Medal in Holly-Ball Cmpetition at Babhalgaon Camp.
– Cadet Sangvikar Anand and Kendre Pradeep was selectd for the Sena Camp(TSC) Gernal Selection in 2013-14 and gave excellent performance in firing at Ahmednager Camp.
Eight Cadet Has got Gold Medal in ATC Aurangabad Camp.(18 to 28 Dec. 2014)