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PRO (Parent Relation Office)

  • Our institute has developed the Parent Relation Office and appointed parent relation officer to look after the activities of students and to develop bond between college, parents and students.

The Goals Of PRO

  • To facilitate good relation between students and parents.
  • To convey information various activities to the students and their parents.
  • To convey attendance and student progression to the parents.
  • To take feedback from parents.
  • To communicate to teachers, nonteaching staff of the college through SMS.
  • To increase the involvement various stakeholders in the college activities.


The college though situated in the rural area has a mission to develop the rural students to face the challenges of the new world. The parents in this area wish to see their children achieving various heights but due to time constraints and anxiety to enter into the college premises, are unable to know about their son/daughters academic progress. But they want to know about the progress of the students .Or atleast whether their son/daughter is attending college regularly. The message service is not new to them and the college takes this opportunity to communicate with them through SMS. The parents who are mostly farmers they need to be attended when they come to college and it becomes difficult for the head of the institute devote time to them often. So, the office of parent relation seeks to keep parents and families connected to the college.


  • The regularity of the students is increased.
  • Involvement of the students in various activities is increased.
  • Parents get the information of their son/daughter.
  • The faith of the parents in their child is increased.
  • The alumni is now better associated with college activities.