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The institution has research Centers in following subjects.

1. English




5. Aerobiology/Botany.

The institution has research Guides in  various subjects. These research guides provide guidance for M.Phil as well as Ph.D. courses.

Table showing details of research guides affiliated to various research centers in this institution

Sr. No. Name of the Guide Specialization Ongoing Awarded
1 Dr. M. M. Nivargi American Literature, African Literature, ELT, Popular Literature 05 05
2 Dr. A. M. Navle American Literature, Indian Literature 09
3 Dr. S. R. Nagori Indian Literature 05
4 Dr. S. V. Nikam Literary criticism, Translation studies
5 Dr. A. R. Gaherwar Indian Literature, British Literature 03
6 Dr. R. G. Kulkarni American Literature, Indian Literature 01 01













1 Dr. B. G. Sonwane Agricultural Geography 12 01
2 Dr. N. S. Kore Agricultural Geography 06
3 Dr. U. B. Sonule Population Geography 04
4 Dr. B. B. Sonule Population Geography 01
1 Dr. G. D. Bagde Electronics 01 01
2 Dr. L. S. Ravangave Electronics 04 01
1 Dr. D. R. Karande Matrix 04
2 Dr. B. C. Dhupe Matrix 02
3 Dr. B. C. Dhage Matrix 02 02
1 Dr. S. D. Dhawale Plant Pathology 02
2 Dr. N. J. M. Reddy Plant Pathology 02 01
3 Dr. S. V. Mandge Plant Pathology 02
4 Dr. R. M. Kadam Plant Pathology
5 Dr. R. B. Allapure Plant Pathology
6 Dr. C. S. Swami Plant Pathology
7 Dr. K. D. Sawant Plant Pathology